The MRC maintains the following facilities for public use:

Grant Complex - 1800 N Main St - Softball, Baseball, Soccer, Football, T-Ball and Playgrounds

Homeside Diamond - 1325  Wheeler - T-Ball Practice Field

Rolf Park - 614 N Mulberry - Softball & Baseball

Wall Park - 500 S Maxwell - Softball, Baseball and Playground.

Age Guidelines for Baseball / Softball Fields:

6 & Under - Homeside Diamond

8 & Under - Grant Complex - T-Ball 1 (South ) / 2 (North)

12 & Under Baseball & College Softball & Under - Grant Complex - Field A & B

13 & Under Baseball & Softball - Rolf Park

All Ages - Wall Park


Facility Guidelines

The following are NOT allowed at all facilities:

Motorized vehicles of any kind            Deliberately hitting into fences, including soft toss

Hitting of golf balls                               Alcoholic beverages                     

No pets in facilities                               Archery & firearms

Horseback riding                                  Overnight activities     

Digging & metal detectors

No Metal Cleats at Grant Complex      No Shelled Seeds or Nuts at Grant Complex


WALK-ON FIELDS  Homeside Diamond ~ Rolf Park ~ Wall Park ~ Grant Soccer/Football Fields & Softball Fields A & B & T-Ball

These fields are available for walk-on use unless closed due to maintenance, marked for a game or too wet for play.

Reservations take precedence over walk-ons. MRC teams can reserve 7 days in advance, all others 2 days in advance.  Youth teams may reserve two hours per week & adult teams may reserve one hour per week. The week runs Sunday - Saturday. Call 241-0363 or stop by 220 N. Walnut to make a reservation.

Light usage is $10 per hour. You must make arrangements Monday - Friday and pay for light usage at the MRC Office.

LIMITED ACCESS FACILITIES   Grant Complex - Baseball Field C & Field D and Multi-Purpose Field

These fields are designated as Limited Access Facilities, which means access is strictly controlled by MRC.
You must have MRC’s approval to use these facilities. These facilities are marked “No unauthorized practices allowed.”


Wall Park coin operated batting cages are open April 1st to September 30th from 7 am - Dusk.

Grant batting cages are open year around.

Restrooms are open year round from 7 am - Dusk.